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I have been using Garmin for several years.I found it to be very user friendly.I am now using the montana 680T with Mapsource

and oziexplorer.I also use and like very much is Global Mapper: A gps is a computer it will tell

you direction of travel:  (etc:190 deg to truck).  Push Goto, pick your waypoint, read your bearing then,

 pull out your compass and walk to your truck.Decided to try out the new Garmin

Montana 680t ,let you know how i like it.


If you're looking for a power handheld GPS with most of the bells and whistles, the Garmin Montana 680t at around 599.99 more or less

680t may be your next big buy. This device proved to be our fastest receiver with the best reception.

With many fancy features such as a 8 MP camera, several mounting options, and a 4 GB internal

memory, this device is ready to go on your next big adventure. This receiver is the most powerful of

all tested, giving it the best accuracy and reception. It also features a very large screen and

easy-to-use interface (similar to other Garmin units). The rechargeable NiMH battery pack (or use of

3 AA batteries) is perfect for the traveler who uses their GPS unit often.

Of the all units, the Montana 680t had the best reception. Utilizing a high sensitivity receiver, the

Montana 680t picks up both GLONASS and GPS networks with WAAS compatibility. When testing in

deep canyons, high mountains, and covered areas, we discovered it was the second fastest to lock

on a location. It maintains a recorded accuracy within eight feet in both open and covered areas. In

our tests we set a way point and tried to navigate back to it. On average, the Montana put us within

40 inches of the initial way points while Garmin GPS MAP 64s put us within 73 inches.